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"What a masterpiece!" These were the words that Ettore Pulpito auspiciously pronounced in 1972 when inaugurating his Mokambo Bar, and they quickly became his ′signature′. Good manners, cleanliness, and product quality: these were the basic principles on which Ettore based his business.

With keen foresight in 1978, Ettore, with the help of Marianna, his faithful life partner, decided to expand his offerings to customers by introducing one of the first ice cream parlors in the Ionian territory. He thus began to produce an ice cream of the highest quality, the memory of which in his most loyal and regular customers is still as alive as almost 40 years ago.

A masterpiece from 1972
A long history of love for our craft
The ice cream shop has for years given way to another pride and joy: handmade pastries. The quality of the ingredients, strictly first-choice, combined with a thirty-year tradition make the finished product unique in its kind. Today these principles and traditions are carried forward with the same attention to detail and love for this ′craft′ by the two sons, Francesco and Angelo.
Francesco, the eldest, is responsible for the telematic services sector (games, national event ticketing, betting and money transfer worldwide). Angelo, on the other hand, takes care of the bar and pastry sector, taking care to preserve the old traditions handed down from their father, Ettore.


Telematic services

Betting, games, ticketing

Inside the bar, you will find a small area dedicated to telematic services where you will have the opportunity to:
  • place bets on events of all kinds;
  • buy Scratch and Win or other games;
  • buy tickets for national events;
  • transfer money around the world.


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Mokambo Bar
Pastry Shop and Betting Agency

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